EMT at Drupa! Hall 6 Booth B10

EMT International is excited to show and discuss our finishing capabilities in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 31st to June 10th, 2016 at Drupa.  Be our guest at Booth D10 in Hall 6 and let our experts present EMT International’s RF Series of finishing equipment.  The EMT International booth will include live demonstrations with a line configuration that will feature in-line EMT’s UV Duplex Coating, EMT Chip-Cut Sheeting with Stacking, Videk’s DocuVision Print Verification System, and for the first time EMT’s StatRx.

EMT International will be launching and displaying our new product, StatRx, at Drupa.  StatRx is an EMT patented solution that minimizes the impact of static electricity that is generated in sheet handling in the printing process.  Utilizing an EMT applicator with StatRx compound bars, StatRx lubricates the web with an invisible coating allowing sheets to slide smoothly on top of each other while maintaining the integrity of the print and substrate.  EMT International’s StatRx reduces the requirement for anti-static bars and web moisturizers.

EMT International also will be featuring for your viewing a video displaying our new Chameleon RFX Series.  This video will highlight EMT’s High Speed Chip-Cutting and Sheeting Technology.  Utilizing dual head cutting technology, the Chameleon RFX will allow for variable chip-cuts over a multitude of web substrates. The Chameleon RFX features enhanced web handling to help reduce the effects of curl and improve stack quality.  The Chameleon RFX will be available beginning in the 4th quarter of 2016.

Please tour our booth and see how EMT’s finishing experts can create solutions for your print applications.