EMT International introduces StatRx

StatRx is an EMT patented solution that minimizes the impact of static electricity that is generated in sheet handling in the printing process. Utilizing an EMT applicator with StatRx compound bars, StatRx lubricates the web with an invisible coating allowing sheets to slide smoothly on top of each other while maintaining the integrity of the print and substrate.

EMT’s StatRx reduces the requirement for anti-static bars and web moisturizers. StatRx has been tested and is running in production on a broad range of substrates at widths of 11”-60” at speeds up to 800 FPM and is proven to reduce sheet jams and enhance stack quality.

StatRx can be integrated into new or existing EMT Chameleon finishing lines or added as a stand-alone section to any Non-Chameleon finishing lines.

EMT International will display and officially launch the StatRx product at Drupa beginning May 31st 2016 in Dusseldorf Germany

To request more information on how EMT’s StatRx can help improve existing static issues in your lines, please contact EMT International.