Applications Management

We are all exposed to a good amount of verbiage surrounding “Customer oriented and Customer driven” business performance today. As a company  we provide a grounded example of meeting the hyperbole with a unique position fulfilled with Industry best performance.

EMT employs an Applications Manager. The duties of the EMT Applications Manager include:

• Translating customer needs into a reliable combination of hardware and software solutions that in the end, provides our customers and OEM partners with performance that meets and exceeds their expectations and requirements
• Acting as a liaison within EMT, balancing and communicating critical customer needs between commercial and technical teams
• Providing our customers with an experienced and creative technical overview of the best potential methods of achieving their unique application goals in the most cost effective manner
• Providing our customers with a direct assessment of both the potential advantages and limitations of any proposed solution

Jordan Geurts is our Applications Manager. Jordan combines 18 years of experience in providing exceptional performance in Service, Engineering, Assembly and Customer support at EMT. The combination provides our end users with unique understanding and attention to their application requirements and reflects our commitment to provide true customer driven performance