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Standard Slitting Products

EMT International is recognized as a world leader in manufacturing the highest quality slitting systems and accessories for the paper, converting and printing industries.

With over 300 custom-designed slitter holders, EMT has the experience and flexibility to adapt to any press or winder. Our Beast line of paper slitter holders hails as the most durable and accurate in the industry. Whether its pneumatic or mechanical for razor, score, or shear slitting substrates such as paper, film, foil, cloth, non-wovens, or vinyl, EMT can assist in providing the proper solution for the application.

Need faster or easier setups? EMT offers a full line of Slitter Positioning Systems. Our family of positioning systems can be easily integrated to new or existing OEM equipment. These systems can range from a digital tape measuring style system to a fully-automated, hands-free system.

Score Slitting

EMT's air-loaded score holders are used for a wide variety of slitting and perforating applications. Air pressure is easily adjusted for light-duty applications,or, adjust the cutting pressure for heavy-duty applications. Our air-loaded score holders can be equipped with a depth stop for special application work and/or to relieve blade/wheel pressure.

As with our air-loaded holders, EMT's manual score holders are used for many perforating and slitting applications. Mounting systems include dovetail, round bar, hex bar, and other special mounting applications.

For even more precision, cleaner cuts, and less dust produced during your operation, ask a representative about our optional advanced Cushion-Cut feature for your slitter holder.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged Design
  • Wide Variety of Pneumatic and Mechanical Styles
  • Less Maintenance Required
  • Easy Blade Changes
  • Lateral Adjust Feature - No Hammers Needed
  • Cantilevered Design - Make Changes Outside of Holder Body
  • Sealed Double Bearing Wheel Support

Beast Line of Slitter Holders

Too much dust? Poor blade and anvil life? EMT’s Cougar shear slitter holder is the industry leader in clean edge slitting. EMT’s unique Cushion-Cut design offers consistently clean, virtually dust free edges. The Cougar is a direct replacement for many OEM-style shear holders including the Class II holder.

See the difference, call or contact us today to find out more about EMT’s Cougar slitter holder and our other Beast Line models.


  • Air-loaded
  • Adjustable dovetail mounting from 1.63" (41.4 mm) to 3.25" (82.6mm)
  • Standard minimum cut width of 2" (51.1 mm)
  • All-metric fasteners

Includes & Options

  • Blade guard
  • Air regulator and gauge
  • Blade offset gauge
  • Instruction manual
  • Optional guard with wick port
  • Optional pinion
  • Optional blade cartridges

Common Uses

  • Replacement for Class II
  • Sheeters
  • Web-offset presses
  • Digital presses & finishing
  • Run speeds up to 3000 FPM (call us if running at higher speeds)

Slitter Positioning Systems

The Accu-Cut Slitter Positioning System combines EMT's ultra-precise slitter holders with a digital readout/measuring system to reduce setup time and ensure precise cuts. The Accu-Cut is easy to use, highly accurate, and enables the operator to make quick changes to set up new jobs/runs. Use the Accu-Cut for score, shear, or razor slitting and contact us for a retro-fit to your existing equipment or a complete custom design.

The Auto-Cut Automated Slitter Positioning System pairs EMT's technologically advanced slitter holders with automation technology to give you faster setups and more precise cuts. The Auto-Cut is easy to setup and use by utilizing technology through a touch-key pad and programs saved in memory. Retrofit the Auto-Cut with your existing equipment or call us for a complete custom design.

The Accu-Set Manual Slitter Positioning System offers extremely accurate setup of both the top and bottom blades by use of EMT's linear positioner. The Accu-Set is ideal when automation or an expensive upgrade is not the best answer for your application. Custom designs and retrofits are available with EMT's Accu-Set Positioning System.

Auto-Cut Slitter Positioning System