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The Chameleon Unwind or Rewind is available for 20", 30", and 42" web width applications.

Our Unwind and Rewind has features and benefits to help you maintain the best web control possible.

  • - 20", 30", or 42" web width
  • - Tight or slack loop web handling
  • - Standard speed of 500 fpm (higher-speed options available)
  • - In-line or near-line tension management
  • - Integration with new or existing equipment
  • - Handles broad range of materials/substrates
  • - All accessories are manufactured by EMT

Unwind ApplicationsOur Unwind and Rewind models are compatible with most web printing and web processing applications.

Typical applications include:

  • - Roll-to-roll print production
  • - Roll-to-roll near-line production
  • - Transactional
  • - Publishing
  • - Direct mail

Our Unwind or Rewind also has models available to reach speeds up to 1000 fpm.

  • - Splicing capability option is available on all models of our Unwind.
  • - Rider roll option is available on all models of our Rewind.
  • - Slitting module option is available on all models of our Rewind.
  • - Active edge guide is available on both the Unwind and Rewind for proper web handling.

Post-Press Finishing Options include:

Chameleon Unwind Model UW20, UW30, or UW42