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We find a way to say yes by asking what if.

Our Company

EMT International has grown from a tool and die shop for the local paper mills and paper converting facilities in the Green Bay, WI area in the 1930’s to a world class manufacturer of finishing equipment and web transports for
the digital/ink jet market today. EMT International now calls Hobart, WI home where we built a brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 2010.

At EMT International, our reputation was built by designing and manufacturing high quality equipment for the printing, converting and packaging markets. EMT’s expertise in creating finishing solutions in these markets, specifically, the high speed, tight web applications of the web offset printing industry has allowed us to make a natural transition into becoming the market leader in providing finishing equipment and transports for the high speed, digital ink jet market.

EMT International designs and manufactures finishing equipment that is made to last. Our first servo-driven perf section, installed 24 years ago in a transactional monochrome line, is still running today at speeds over 300 fpm. We are proud to currently have finishing solutions, including perforation and punch sections, installed in-line with the leading OEM print engines around the world EMT International’s product line continues to grow as does our capability to handle higher speeds and wider web requirements. Our product line of dynamic perforators (in-line and cross), punching, sheeting (straight and chip-out), slit/merge, stacker/batcher, die-cut, coaters and winders can handle speeds up to 1,000 fpm and 42” web widths.

EMT International completed strategic buyouts to add to our abilities to provide world class machinery. In 2011 EMT acquired Advanced Graphic Equipment (AGE–York, PA) to allow us to better meet our customer’s web printing finishing requirements. Then in 2017, EMT completed the buyout of Rotocontrol, headquartered in Linau, Germany. The acquisition of Rotocontrol added a broad spectrum of high quality products for the label finishing market. This acquisition also increased our engineering capacity to be able to be responsive to customer needs around the globe.



When CEO Paul Rauscher joined EMT International (then Economy Machine & Tool) in 1986, the company employed fifteen and provided punch tooling and slitter holders to the Business Forms and Label Markets. Today,  built on the vision of being the world’s premier supplier of technical solutions for the global print, label and packaging markets, EMT International/Rotocontrol employs over two hundred. With manufacturing, engineering and service sites in Hobart Wisconsin and Siek Germany, EMT/Rotocontrol can provide your business with the innovative solutions needed to help meet your vision

Our History


Beginning of EMT

EMT originally stood for Economy, Machine, and Tool, which was a small tool and die shop supplying for the local paper mills. 


New President

Paul Rauscher joins EMT as President and minority owner. 


EMT International

The name of company changed to EMT International and transformed into a world class manufacturing facility. 


Paul Rauscher

Paul Rauscher buys out existing ownership and names minority owner. 


Chameleon line

Chameleon digital finishing line launched.



EMT Purchases Deublin’s coreholding line.


High speed inkjet solutions

EMT launches new partnership with major OEM, providing high speed inkjet transport solutions. 


New Headquarters

EMT International expanded in Hobart WI with a brand-new-state of the art facility. 



Purchase AGE (Advanced Graphics Equipment).



EMT International acquires Rotocontrol Finishing Solutions. Rotocontrol from Linau, Germany supplies Label Finishing equipment. 



Begin building Rotocontrol solutions for the American Market and providing direct service and engineering support.

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