Customer Service

North American Customer Service

Location: Hobart, Wisconsin
Service: 920-884-1163
Sales: 920-468-5475

EMT Customer Service

EMT Customer Service Technicians are available assist at your location.

EMT Hours of Support

You can reach EMT during normal business hours at (920) 884-1163
(EMT business hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm GMT-06:00, Central Time), Monday-Friday.
Our friendly customer support personnel can assist you with questions about
machine operation and help troubleshooting any problems you may experience. 

You can reach EMT International which, provides 24/7 hrs service support.
Our emergency phone line is provided for service support outside normal business hours.
Contact your EMT-international sales representative for further details.



EMT Service Technicians

EMT Customer Service Technicians are available to train your operators.

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