EMT/Rotocontrol is a customer focused Engineering and Manufacturing company that provides innovative solutions to the printing, packaging and label industries. We strive to exceed customer expectations through Customer Service Excellence and Flawless execution

Finishing Solutions

EMT’s Chameleon line of finishing equipment offers a complete range of modular dynamic web finishing solutions. Tight or slack web management, in-line, near-line or off-line, the Chameleon adapts to your specific web processing and finishing needs.

Web Transport Solutions

EMT International utilizes years of web handling design and manufacturing experience. Applying this knowledge to our web transport systems for the digital, offset, packaging and label print markets. 

Converting/Press Solutions

EMT International’s Converting/ Press solutions product division manufactures finishing accessories for your web offset, forms, and label application needs. High quality punches, dies, slitter holders, and core shafts are only a part of our standard product offerings.

Service Solutions

EMT International provides full service solutions for installation, training, and maintenance activities for your company. EMT offers 24/7 support plans and remote trouble shooting to support needs.

EMT & ROTOCONTROL Combine Forces

Following our acquisition of Rotocontrol GmBH on May 10th, 2017, EMT International and Rotocontrol are bringing their expertise to the Narrow Web label Industry in North America. EMT now manufactures Rotocontrol leading-edge slitter/rewinder inspection and finishing equipment in Hobart, Wisconsin.

We are introducing the Booklet Label machine to the North American Market as a fully modular system for coupon labels and regulatory information.

Please click on the link below to learn more about how Rotocontrol’s finishing solutions can be a provider for you.

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