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  • Maximizes sheet handling production
  • Minimizes the impact of static on productivity
  • Eliminates double feeding of documents
  • Reduces requirement for anti-static bars
  • Enhances stack quality
  • Reduces requirement for web moisturizing
  • Reduces sheet jams in finishing
  • Tested on a broad range of substrates
  • Reduces downtime in sheet handling created in low relative humidity print environments
  • Tested at production speeds to 800 FPM
  • Optimizing production today on over eight billion feet of paper annually

What it does

  • StatRx is a patented compound to lubricate the web, minimizing the impact of static on sheet handling
  • StatRx fills in fine cells between membranes on the face of the paper allowing sheets to slide smoothly on top of each other
  • Applies a fine, invisible coating of StatRx treatment on one side of the web

How it works

  • StatRx compound is dispensed through a pressure-managed EMT chameleon applicator
  • Compound applied full web, simplex
  • Integrated as part of a new or existing EMT Chameleon finishing section
  • StatRx is available as a stand-alone section for non-Chameleon finishing lines
  • Uses EMT web splice detection to avoid product damage


  • StatRx block life of 300,000-500,000 linear feet (per set of blocks)
  • Three StatRx blocks used for every 20” – 22” of web output
  • StatRx blocks effectively operate with an 70-80% coverage rate
  • StatRx blocks are delivered from EMT in specially designed packaging for safe shipping and handling

Product Specifications

  • Broad range of uncoated substrates
  • Tested at speeds to 800 FPM
  • Tested on MICR and print security features with no product contamination
  • Used in digital print environments since 2010
  • MSDS sheets available
  • Patented


  • Digital roll-to-sheet lines
  • Offline and nearline sheet finishing devices
  • Insertion lines
  • Folders
  • High-speed sheet feeders
  • Offset roll-to-sheet lines
  • Bindery and mailing devices
  • Stackers and joggers
  • Any print finishing device when sheet handling productivity is impacted by the environment or static


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