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Digital Hybrid Press Solutions

DT 2.0 Digital Hybrid press: Combines digital & flexographic printing, embellishment and finishing. Efficient workflow with high-quality on-demand printing & reduced waste.

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EMT digital hybrid press solutions

Our advanced DT 2.0 Digital Hybrid press solution combines the benefits of digital and flexographic printing technologies along with label embellishment and finishing processes, resulting in a versatile, efficient and cost-effective production workflow.

At the heart of the system is a high-quality digital printing engine. This engine enables high-quality, on-demand printing and variable data printing, allowing for personalized content, quick job set-up and fast turnaround times. Flexographic print stations are utilized for priming, coating, varnishing, embellishment, solids, special colors and other features the digital print engine may not be optimized for.

Along with the integration of lamination, die-cutting, embossing, punching, slitting and inspection, these processes add value to the printed material, all in one efficient hybrid press, eliminating the need for separate and additional machines reducing production time, WIP (work-in-process) and waste.

Overall, our DT 2.0 Digital Hybrid press solution, configured to client needs, offers a flexible, efficient and cost-effective approach to label production, meeting the demands of today’s dynamic market while delivering high-quality labels.