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Upgrade, Retrofit, Refurbish

Replace aging parts, accommodate changing parameters and find solutions for obsolete components.

An EMT employee working on upgrades to a machine

As machines age and parts reach end-of-life status or become obsolete, or when upgrades are needed to accommodate changing production parameters, EMT International has solutions for specific needs.

We can also research aging components to determine which ones are no longer available and provide solutions to replace them with new ones.

Listed below are just a few of the types of upgrades, retrofits and modifications we offer:


  • Speed upgrades – increases the speed at which the machine is able to run.
  • Modular upgrades – we have different perf shaft lengths. We have provided upgrades from our typical 16-inch length, which covers half the web to full length, 22-inch perf shaft that covers the entire length of the web.
  • Perf spacing – our dynamic perf machine comes standard at 2.75 inches minimum perf spacing. We can upgrade to get down to 2 inches.


  • Added punch modules and cross-ironing modules not originally ordered
  • Additional cameras – machines typically come with one, but sometimes two or more are needed to read both sides of the web.


  • Program updates – we can update the machine to the latest programs as we are always improving our machines.


  • Older machines typically have EOL (end-of-life) parts, or obsolete parts that are no longer available from EMT or other vendors. In these cases, EMT removes and replaces all obsolete parts with updated parts. While it is true that not all old machines can be updated or refurbished, EMT will recommend the best solution to fit production needs.

Contact the experts at EMT to discuss how we can provide the best solution for any machine upgrade, retrofit or refurbish need.

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