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Experience EMT’s customized solutions for core holding chucks and adapters: lug-style chucks, leaf-type chucks, multi-bladder air chucks & pneumatic mechanical chucks.

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EMT International manufactures customized solutions for core holding chucks and adapters. Our pneumatic mechanical chucks provide high torque and high-speed core holding capacity for shaftless splicers, unwinders and rewinders. The design of EMT’s multi-bladder air chucks makes them exceptionally light and very strong. Unlike conventional air chucks that use an inflated bladder to grip the core, the EMT leaf-type air chuck only uses the expanded bladder to exert pressure on serrated aluminum leaves, so there is no wear and tear on the bladder during hard starts and stops. Lug-style chucks contain lugs evenly spaced throughout the body, ideal for adapting a single shaft to run multiple core sizes.