Multi-Bladder Chucks

The design of the EMT multi-bladder air chucks makes them exceptionally light and very strong. The air chucks are fixed to the carrier shaft and have separate expansion elements. They may be fitted with fixed or expanding centralizing elements. The multi-bladder air chuck is positioned on the carrier shaft to suit the individual reel width and is held in place by tightening the screws in the clamp ring to prevent twisting or axial shifting. Compressed air is fed into the bladder through an air valve, which is in a radial or axial position in the chuck. The inflating of the bladders activates the expansion components, allowing for quick clamping of the cores. When the winding process is completed, the compressed air is released and the expansion components return to their original position, making the air chuck very easy to remove from the core.

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  • Replaces core plugs and non-expanding mandrels
  • Reduces weight
  • Reduces core damage
  • Greatly increases operator safety
  • Reduces setup times
  • Increases product quality and productivity


  • Large core diameters of 8” and up
  • Heavy loads
  • Moderate to low running speeds
  • Moderate runout acceptable
  • Moderate to low torque
  • Centering not required
  • Tissue unwinders
  • Paper unwinders
  • Film unwinders
  • Surface driven unwinders