Lateral Adjust Core Shafts

EMT offers a lateral adjust option with its MB-Series Multi-Bladder Shaft for cantilevered installations in narrow web applications. Lateral adjust air shafts are available in 3” to 12” standard diameters.

MB Series Multi-Bladder Shafts with built-in lateral adjust allow machine operators to easily and quickly make changes on the fly. While the core shaft is rotating, an operator simply holds the adjusting knob with one hand and turns the adjusting screw with the other. This unique feature allows the machine to continue running without the need to shut down the line for adjustments in the axial position of web.

Additionally, lateral adjust shafts are easily cleaned and are designed for use in food-grade operations.

These shafts are designed for use with label presses, packaging machines and laminating machines.

The MB Series Multi-Bladder Shaft is equipped with individual full-length lugs positioned symmetrically around the shaft body. Each lug has an expandable bladder underneath it. When the bladder is inflated, the lug extends out of the shaft body and grips the core.

An air valve is located at the end of the shaft in an axial or radial position, depending upon application. As an option, the shaft can be equipped with an EMT Rotating Union for continuous air supply. Each shaft is custom manufactured per application.

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