Lug Style Air Shafts

EMT International offers Lug Style Air Shafts with unique design features.

The lugs are free-floating, there are no clips or springs to jam or break, and there’s nothing to pinch or cut the bladder, one of the major causes of air shaft failure.

The lugs are positioned in six (6) rows evenly spaced around the shaft’s circumference for better gripping and better support.

The longitudinal rows of lugs are staggered to provide continuous contact along the entire length of the shaft and to avoid uneven stress patterns when machining the shaft’s body.

Sizes available are: ½” through 12” diameter.

Lugs are available in both steel and aluminum with serrated surfaces and in polyurethane for use in steel and PVC cores.

Bladders are of a specially formulated rubber compound with proven superior wear and durability properties. They are under constant testing and must meet EMT’s demanding specifications to be certified.

Inevitably all bladders need replacement and that is when our exclusive “inner assembly” makes bladder replacement quick and easy. In fact, it is possible to have our shaft back in service in minutes.

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  • Precision straight-fit journals
  • Free-floating lugs
  • Polyurethane lugs with flat surface
  • Exclusive inner assembly design
  • Heavy-duty seamless bladders
  • Easier to assemble/disassemble than shafts with tapered journals
  • No springs to break and puncture the bladder or jam the lugs inside the shaft body
  • Allows greater penetration of paper/fiber cores
  • Increases contact area with steel and PVC cores
  • Allows quick and easy bladder replacement
  • Long service life


  • Unwind stands
  • Rewind stands
  • Reels
  • Slitter reels/stands
  • Sheeters
  • Roll winders
  • Tissue and towel winders
  • Center wind winders
  • Packaging equipment
  • Printing splicers
  • Paper machine winders