Multi-Bladder Pneumatic Shaft

MB Series

The EMT MB Series Multi-Bladder Shaft is equipped with individual full-length lugs positioned symmetrically around the shaft body. Each lug has an expandable bladder underneath it and when the bladder is inflated, the lugs extend out of the shaft body and grip the core. An air valve is located at the end of the shaft in an axial or radial position, depending upon application. As an option, the shaft can be equipped with an EMT Rotating Union for continuous air supply. Each shaft is custom manufactured per application requirement with a range of core diameters.

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  • Lightweight, ergonomic solution
  • Handle higher loads due to extruded aluminum body
  • Easy to repair, no removing journals to replace bladders
  • Full body length lugs prevent core slippage
  • Replaces heavy leaf and lug style shafts


  • Utilized in both unwind and rewind applications
  • Ideal replacement for 5” and 6” core shafts to reduce shaft weights, ergonomic solutions
  • Multiple core applications
  • Slitter and turret rewind applications
  • Can be used for either cardboard or plastic cores


Technical Specifications of Standard Shafts

Operating Pressure = 80 to 95 psi Pmin= 80 psi. For reduced operating pressure, consult EMT.
Maximum Speed N = 800 rpm. For higher speeds, consult EMT.
Operating Temperature +50 deg F up to +122 deg F / +10 deg C up to +50 deg C

Materials of Construction

Body Seamless profile Aluminum or Steel
Lugs Application specific Plastic, rubber or aluminum
Journal Custom Steel or special material
Bladder Hose Gum Rubber

Shaft Diameters

Core 3” (76.2mm) 6” (152.4mm) 150mm
Body, O.D. 2.9” (76mm) 5.9” (150mm) 148mm
Max Expansion 3.1” (79mm) 6.1” (156mm) 156mm
No. of Lugs 3 or 6 6 or 10 5 or 10

*Other core diameters upon customer’s request.