DocuVision Pro® by Videk for Chameleon RFX Rewinder

Automated quality inspection system mounted directly on the rewinder

DocuVision Pro is the industry-leading camera-based inspection solution that ensures every page is monitored for critical print quality and data integrity criteria. DocuVision Pro uses high-resolution contact image sensors which are integrated elegantly into the Chameleon RFX Rewinder for best-in-class imaging. DocuVision Pro allows quality inspections to be completely automated, removing the reliance on manual inspections which are costly and prone to errors.

DocuVision Pro offers scalable vision solutions, starting with a simple live web view of the print run and building all the way to advanced data integrity inspection of every page. If an error is detected, the system can alert the operator or stop the print line to prevent unnecessary waste, compromised data security, or sub-standard products from leaving the facility.


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  • Live web-viewing of roll-to-roll print lines sees every page at production speeds
  • Eliminate need to slow or pause the line for quality checks
  • Operator interacts with User Interface right at Rewinder.
  • Easy-to-use, touchscreen interface for pan, pause, scroll and zoom
  • Images the full page of every document printed
  • 600 DPI at 500 fpm, standard
  • In-line or near-line operation
  • Eliminates the need for web handling device – critical for production facilities with little floor space
  • Full suite of DocuVision reading and processing tools to verify the integrity of each document in real-time
    • MICR reading and quality verification
    • Front-to-back Matching
    • Sequence Verification
    • 1:1 Message Integrity
    • Analyze Data Matrix and barcodes (1D, 2D, IMB, OCR, OMR, QR)
    • Data collection and reporting
    • CSV comparison for on-the-fly data confirmation
    • Print registration
    • Color verification
    • Jet monitoring
    • Proof-of-print / audit trails
    • Image Archiving
    • Secure Document Validation


  • Transactional print
  • Checks, check booklets
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Healthcare & insurance statements
  • Government documents
  • Security documents / protected health information
  • Direct marketing


  • Optional perforation inspection
  • Simplex or Duplex configurations
  • Retro-fit options available
  • Scalable, configurable software tools


Electrical 120V AC, 10A, – NEMA 5-20R outlet – Videk preferred
240V AC, 8A, – NEMA L6-20R outlet OR NEMA 6-20R outlet
Performance speed 1000 fpm
Web width 22”