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Modular Label Finishing Solutions

Automate label finishing with EMT’s DT 2.0, RSD and RCF Series. Customize configurations for unwinds, rewinds, printing, die-cutting, inspection, slitting and more.

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EMT modular label finishing solutions

Our DT 2.0, RSD, and RCF Series are designed to automate and streamline your label finishing and converting processes. These solutions consist of modular components that can be combined and configured based on your specific needs today and in the future, allowing for a flexible and scalable production setup.

Standard, optional, and typical configurations can consist of unwinds, rewinds, web cleaning and corona treatment, flexographic and digital printing, embellishment, lamination, die-cutting, embossing, waste matrix removal, punching, inspection systems, slitting, sheeting and fan-folding. All configurations are controlled by EMT’s advanced software systems that provide a user-friendly interface for job set-up, workflow management, tension control and web management and automation.

Our modular finishing solutions provide versatility and scalability for changing production needs, efficiency and cost-savings through user-friendly operation and automation, meeting the needs of our customers today and as their business grows.

Modular Label Finishing Solutions