Variable Lane Finishing

Variable Lane Finishing (VLF) is a new technology solution specially designed for processing sheets of photos or postcards. Order delivery per lane features a web width of 22”, five independent lanes, finished orders by lane, is bar code driven and can be built with the option of order verification and reconfiguration for different format sizes. Formats include 4×6”, 4×7” and 4×8” with options of 5×7”, 6×9” and 8×10”.


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  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Waste

The innovative configuration includes:

  • Unwind and Web Handling Systems
  • Pre-cut
    • Each lane:
      • Lane formats create family of sizes
      • Dedicated x-perf unit to create a pre-cut at tail of the photo
    • Offcut remains attached to waste matrix at sides and tail
    • Functions similarly to a rotary die cutter
    • Registration – TOF mark
    • Bar code controlled – on back or in trim
  • Gap Creation
    • Separates orders in each lane and prepares them for delivery
    • Each lane behaves independently
    • Stream of products
      • Shingled with very small reveal
    • Accelerator belt
      • Advances between end of order and start of next order
      • Creates larger reveal between orders
    • Shingle position adjustment
      • Required for format length at changeover
  • Die Cutting
    • Combines removal of all waste with cut process
    • Die-cut pattern: Separates finished products from the matrix of waste (gutter and chip) which remains as a web
    • Precut offcuts: Removed
    • Waste matrix: pulled away to either be rewound by the matrix rewind or collected by an evacuation system
  • Separation Module
    • Comprised of two sets of straight and angled vacuum belts that selectively diverge the streams family of finished products go straight through the separation module
    • Other products are diverged with the angled belts
  • Pocketer Delivery
    • Pocketer: flighted conveyor that collects completed orders
    • Finished products transported through the gap creation section and fill a pocket
    • When order is completed
      • Gap creation section pauses, conveyor indexes to the next pocket
    • Each lane is independent
    • Finished orders collected by operators after they are delivered by a pocket