Pneumatic Mechanical Chucks

Pneumatic Mechanical Chucks with Adapters

A pneumatic mechanical chuck provides high torque and high-speed core holding capacity for shaftless splicers, unwinders and rewinders.

The EMT pneumatic mechanical chuck operates by pressurizing the sealed chamber behind the moveable piston/cam assembly. Angled ramps under the lugs are forced outward by the forward motion of the piston/cam assembly, extending the lugs to grip the core. Release of the air pressure allows the return springs to force the piston/cam assembly back, retracting the lugs.

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  • Low maintenance design
  • Manual release port
  • Close tolerance fits
  • Large gripping area
    • 5 lugs – 3”, 4” 5” core i.d.
    • 6 lugs – 6”, 8” core i.d.
  • No plastic bushings to wear or stick
  • Easier lug replacements
  • Designed to eliminate body and cam wear
  • Allows forced release of damaged cores
  • Prevents dirt and particle intrusion, further lowering maintenance requirements
  • Increases torque capacity
  • Lowers core stress
  • Reduces dependence on core quality and/or material


  • High-speed splicers
  • Zero speed splicers
  • Rewind stands
  • Unwind stands
  • Other shaftless applications


  • Core extractors for automatic operation
  • Adapters for quick changeover to different core diameters

Mounting configurations:

  • Flange or spindle mounted
  • Lug/Leaf configuration