Leaf-Type Air Chucks

EMT International’s leaf-type air chucks are based on our leaf-type shaft. Unlike conventional air chucks that use an inflated bladder to grip the core, the EMT leaf-type air chuck only uses the expanded bladder to exert pressure on serrated aluminum leaves, so there is no wear and tear on the bladder during hard starts and stops. In addition to the heavy-duty bladder, there is a protective sleeve between the actual bladder and the aluminum leaves. This feature eliminates all direct contact between expanding and gripping elements.

This design overcomes the major problems of the traditional tube or tire-type air chuck when deflated. Our leaf-type chuck will always have a 1/8” clearance with the core i.d. This consistently ensures continued ease in loading and unloading the cores when compared to the tube-type chuck which takes a “set” to a larger diameter after a relatively short time in service. In addition, the serrated aluminum leaves grip the fiber/paper cores common in the field today and will not polish as is typical with exposed rubber.

EMT leaf-type chucks are available for 6” cores and can be mounted on air or mechanical shafts, round mandrels or square shafts. They are a lightweight, economical and efficient way to handle larger diameter cores for continuous or part-time use.

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