L.I.T.E. Series Shafts

L.I.T.E. Series Carbon Fiber

The EMT L.I.T.E. Series air shafts and mandrels represent a new generation in carbon fiber construction. Features include:

  • Light in weight
  • Integrity of structure
  • Technologically advanced
  • Engineered to Last

Custom-designed to fit your unique needs, our L.I.T.E. Series air shafts and mandrels are roll-wrapped with precision ribbons of prepreg, a highly controlled process that assures uniformity of resin-to-fiber content, while eliminating strength-robbing voids common in conventional shafts that are wet wound.

While other brands of shafts have interspersed layers of fiberglass—a cost-cutting practice that significantly lowers strength and rigidity—only EMT International gives customers the weight-saving advantage of a composite body without compromise, plus EMT’s quality and exclusive design features.

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  • Straight-fit journals are precision ground for close tolerance concentric fit.
  • Special socket head screws hold body seated securely against the shouldered journals.
  • EMT’s exclusive inner core makes bladder replacement quick and easy. Keeps shaft in service so clients don’t need as many.
  • Free-floating lugs have no springs or clips to break or jam. There is nothing to damage the bladder or body. Lugs are available in polyurethane, forged aluminum and hardened steel, depending on type of core.


  • Unwind stands
  • Rewind stands
  • Reels
  • Slitter reels/stands
  • Sheeters
  • Tissue and towel winders
  • Center wind winders
  • Packaging equipment
  • Printing splicers
  • Paper machine winders