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Chameleon Dynamic Perf

  • Web widths of 22”,30”, and 42”
  • 500 FPM standard; options up to 1000 FPM
  • Inline and near-line operation
  • Tight web standard; slack web is optional
  • EMT quick-change perf bars allow blade changes in seconds (Video in image gallery)
  • Fold perforation module or section available as complement

Product Specifications

Model Features Utilities Electrical Compressed Air Performance Speed Paper Length Paper Range Web Width Number of Lanes Up
DP 22 Chameleon Dynamic Perf 230V or 480 V, 3ø 50/60Hz 80 psi (5.5 bar), 2 CFM[56L/min] 50-500 fpm (15-152 mpm)
Option of up to 800 fpm
4.0”-24.0” 67-200 gsm(35-350 gsm optional) 6.5”-22” (127mm-521mm) 2-up
DP 30/42 Chameleon Dynamic Perf 230V or 480 V, 3ø 50/60Hz 80 psi (5.5 bar), 2 CFM[56L/min] 50-500 fpm (15-152 mpm)
Option of up to 800 fpm
6.5”-22” (127mm-521mm) 67-200 gsm(35-350 gsm optional) 16”-42” (406mm-71067mm) 3,4-up


  • Multiple-page statements
  • Phone bills
  • Financial statements
  • Coupons
  • Vouchers
  • Transactional Mail
  • Forms
  • Courtesy checks
  • Fold perf-assist
  • Educational workbooks
  • Direct Mail


  • Tight web management ensures highest speeds, tightest tolerances, and perforation accuracy
  • Dynamic Perf, Static Perf or Fan Fold Perf Capability
  • Experience: Over 1,000 perf units installed worldwide
  • Robust Design with 1” thick frames to maintain a stable processing platform; minimizing                                                              which ensures web alignment and prevent twisting
  • Integrated web handling; no buffers or vacuum box allows for shorter footprint
  • Minimum Cross Perf Repeat of 2.00” with one cylinder
  • Over 200 programmable perf recipe capability
  • Capability to read 2D Barcodes, TOF, CRM or provide signal to press for perf location
  • Perf Rule Change in Seconds with EMT Quick-Change Perf Bars
  • Up to (8) linear/vertical perf available per unit
  • Modular design allows for flexibility of processing sections
  • Options to add line hole punch, file hole punch or cross creasing
  • In-line or near-line
  • Ease of use with push button HMI
  • Remote access for assistance


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