Chameleon Hot Foil/Hologram

The EMT Chameleon Hot Foil Embellisher is the ultimate servo-controlled web finishing device for unmatched security and visual appeal.

EMT’s Chameleon Hot Foil Embellisher harnesses state-of-the-art servo-controlled technology, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. The system boasts robust construction and durable components. 2D barcode reading capabilities enable dynamic application and position of metallic foil and hologram features. Foil saving feature minimizes cost by ensuring the most efficient use of foil. Despite its advanced technology, EMT’s Chameleon Hot Foil Embellisher features an intuitive and user-friendly interface and is designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing web finishing or printing line.

EMT’s Chameleon Hot Foil Embellisher adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to customer products while also adding a barrier to counterfeit attempts.

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  • Web Width: 22.0”
  • Speed: 525 fpm