Pharmaceutical Security

The RSP-H Series machines are specifically designed for compliance with the most demanding security label inspection and finishing applications. The vision system provides 100% inspection of the web and stops the machine when a fault is detected, prior to slitting or other post-inspection operations.

The faulty label is automatically placed on the inspection/splice table where the operator can perform corrective action. Once the fault is corrected, the web reverses and the corrected label passes under the vision system a second time, ensuring 100% compliant product is passed to the next stages of production.

The special design and optional large-diameter idlers allow the machine to finish booklet labels.

The machines can operate in two distinct levels of compliance confirming to the required level of security, including:

Full Compliance

In Full-Compliance Mode, the defective label must be corrected and re-inspected before the process can continue and cannot be overridden by the operator.

This mode is intended for applications where 100% compliant labels must be guaranteed.

Controlled Compliance

In this mode, the operator can choose to re-inspect the corrected label with a single button push, or bypass the re-inspection system and accept a defective label after manually inspecting or correcting it. This mode is intended for premium value-add labels that require the highest quality, but leave some discretion for the operator to increase throughput.

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Standard Configuration includes:

  • Modular design
  • 15-inch touchscreen panel on pivoting arm
  • Vision system touchscreen panel
  • 100% servo control from Bosch Rexroth
  • Job memory for 500 jobs
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Unwind unit
  • Integration platform ready to accept industry-leading vision systems
  • Splice table/inspection plate including web guide before the camera system
  • Dynamic web buffer
  • Horizontal inspection area
  • Web guide before the slitting unit
  • Cartridge slitting system including LED light (optional special booklet slitting)
  • Label/length counting
  • Single rewind – 76 mm (3”) core holder


  • Hydraulic roll lifter for diameter up to 1200 mm (47.24”)
  • Waste rewind unit at unwind and before slitting unit
  • Flag and splice detection
  • Static elimination
  • Inkjet integration
  • Shear and razor knife slitting
  • Full automatic knife positioning system – EPOS
  • Dual rewind module 2 x 600 mm (23.62”)
  • Web advance with lay-on rollers
  • Slip differential shafts
  • Strobe light
  • Rewind shafts – 25 mm – 152 mm (1” – 6”)


Working Widths 440 mm (17.32”), 540 mm (21.26”), 670 mm (26.38”)
Unwind Diameter 750 mm (29.53”)
Rewind Diameter Single rewind = 550 mm (21.65”)
Dual rewind = 2 x 600 mm
Dual Rewind Diameter: 2 x 600 mm
Run Speed up to 320 m/min (1050 fpm) (machine speed is material and vision system dependent)