DP22 PRO Dynamic Perf & Punch Continuous Feed Processor

EMT announces the new generation DP22 PRO!

The new EMT DP22 PRO provides high-speed performance with enhanced flexibility and expanded finishing processes for an ever-growing digital print market. On-board tools for reporting, diagnostics, and system analytics maximize productivity and simplify operations.

The DP22 PRO sets a new standard in digital printing applications support and versatility, ensuring high-value production for years to come.

Improvements, Features & Benefits:

  • On board Diagnostics and Data collection
    • Production reporting
    • Trends and troubleshooting
    • Data collection
    • Maintenance Tracking and reminders
  • Improved Operability and Accessibility
    • Large touchscreen HMI glides effortlessly along the entire length of the machine. Always within reach of the operator
    • All guard panels are hinged for easy access for setup and maintenance
    • Larger windows and internal lighting for easy viewing
    • Intelligent lighting guides operator actions
  • Flexible configurations with expanded processing options
    • Flexible machine configuration ensures maximum processing in the smallest possible footprint
    • Up to 10 processes within the same machine
    • Machine can grow with your needs
    • New Web Processing offerings
      • Cross and Linear Creasing
      • Cross and Linear Ironing
      • Coil bind and corner rounding punching
      • Custom punch patterns
  • Performance
    • 100% servo controlled
    • Expert tight web management
    • Unmatched motion control and process to print tolerance
    • Up to 1000 fpm (305 mpm) web processing
  • Same Robust build
    • Heavy duty precision machined 1.0” (25.4 mm) steel side frames reliable performance and long life
    • High uptime
    • Low maintenance / parts consumption

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  • Linear dynamic perforating
  • File hole punching
  • Cross ironing
  • Linear ironing
  • Binding punch patterns
  • Continuous lineal perf
  • Cross creasing
  • Fold perf
  • Optional speeds to 1000 fpm


Performance Speed 50 (15 mpm) – 500 fpm (152 mpm)
Paper Range 67 to 250 gsm
Web Width 6.5” – 22” (165-558 mm)
Sheet length 5.5” – 28” (140-711 mm)
Hole specification 5/32” (4 mm) dia., hole punching on ½” (12.7 mm) centers
Perf-to-Perf minimum distance per perf shaft 2.75” (70 mm) at 500 fpm (152 mpm)
Ring sets Two ring sets included to product two rows of holes