Punch Tooling

EMT International has earned a reputation as a reliable source for durable punch tooling for line holes, challenging patterns and shapes and multiple patterns.

An integral part of the Chameleon finishing product line, our rings, cylinders and punch units are supported for all domestic and foreign-made printing presses in any repeat size. With a drawing or a sample of the product, our technical experts can help to optimize the performance of equipment.

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Features and Benefits of EMT Punches:

  • Line holes
    • Sizes for all repeats to fill any printing press
  • Extended life
    • Hardened punches and dies greatly improve punch life and quality, improving run time
  • Rapid ring
    • A quick-change punch system with a full set of punches that can be replaced in less than 2 minutes, allowing for increased press run time. Available in all sizes to fit all presses.
  • File holes
    • A full line of file hole tooling including standard or special patterns engineered to fit unique punching applications.
  • Punch cylinders
    • Used for special and unique patterns that involve across the web punching or for combining standard patterns. Cylinders are available for patterns such as datacard, tags, index patterns, etc.
  • Special shapes
    • Tooling for any special shapes such as window, corner, notching and specialty shapes.
  • Adjustable file hold and register skip perf
    • Allows for all printing presses in any repeat length. Can be used on conventional imprinting and numbering stations
  • Optional accessories
    • Vacuum chad removal systems, backlash and timing gearing and punches and dies.