Quick Set Bar

Quick Set BarTM Quick Change Cross Perf Bar

The EMT International quick change cross perf bar enables the operator to change rules in less than a minute. Its simple, effective design allows for easy adjustment while increasing perf rule and anvil life. EMT’s robust steel construction, built in the USA, adds reliability and is field proven. With no external moving parts, there is no maintenance required. Because of its simple design, its installation is quick and easy. Overall, customers can expect a quick return on their investment.

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  • Compression Springs. Compression springs provide force for looking blade.
  • Quick Set cushion pads for initial height settings and improved performance.
  • Bar design allows for cushioned strike of blade against anvil.
  • O-ring. EMT’s bar as an O-ring to prevent the side shift of rule.
  • Steel lip. Rule rests on steel lip for added durability and life span.
  • Accepts all conventional rules. The Quick Set BarTM accepts all standard blade heights. Blade thickness variations are not a problem either.
  • Compression Tool. Operator simply uses compression tool to change rule.