Slitter Holders

Complete Line of Slitter Holders

EMT International has the most unique variety of slitting and perforating holders available. We have designed and manufactured over 200 different styles to fit most printing presses, slitter/rewinders and a wide variety of other equipment. We will also design holders to meet your special needs. Units are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for score, shear and razor cut. Whether your application requires heavy or light cuts, high or low speed or large or small diameter slitter or perforator blades/wheels, we have a holder to fit the application. EMT International holders are designed and built to ensure durability, accurate cuts and long blade/wheel life.

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Holder features include:

  • Lateral adjust feature. An axle housing allows lateral screw adjustment of the blade/wheel position after the holder is mounted to the mounting bar.
  • Double-bearing axle system. Supports the axle and blade/wheel with two bearings in a cantilever design.
  • Screw depth adjustment. A screw and lock system adjusts the blade depth setting and rigidly locks the slitting arm.
  • Rugged construction. Standard on all holders.
  • Cantilevered design. Mounts the blade/wheel outside the framework of the holder.
  • Air-loaded holders. Features standard heavy-duty air cylinders.
  • Quick-change wheel system. Allows the operator to change the blade/wheel without the use of tools.
  • Toolless design. Allows the operator to adjust position and change the blade/wheel without the use of tools.
  • Blade side shift. Engages the blade in a sideward motion by means of air actuation.
  • Linear bearing slides. Provided on many of our air holders.


Shear Holder benefits:

  • Quality cut. Double bearing axle system holds the blade steady to reduce blade “wobble” allowing for a much cleaner cut with less dust.
  • Controlled pressure settings. The lateral adjust feature allows the operator to adjust the pressure of the blade against the remail shear anvil.
  • Long blade life. The optimal cutting pressure attained with the lateral adjustment ensures the longest possible blade life. Since the blade is not allowed to “wobble”, its life, as well as the life of the female shear anvil, is increased.
  • No tools required. Faster setups are achieved with toolless depth settings and blade pressure adjustments.
  • Less maintenance. The double-bearing axle system and cantilever design eliminate dirt and dust buildup between the frame and the blade.

Crush/Score Holder benefits:

  • Accurate cut widths and sizes. Our slitter holders give you a more accurate cut size. The lateral adjustment feature allows cut sizes to be adjusted to +/- 1/64” after the holder is secured to the bar.
  • Quality cut. The unique double-bearing wheel support system eliminates wheel wobble and ensures that the wheel runs perpendicular to the backing roll. The wheel will maintain its original position and will not wander to wobble during the run. You get a more accurate, cleaner cut.
  • Quicker setups. The lateral adjustment also makes setups quicker and easier. It is no longer necessary to clamp and unclamp the holder to position the wheel correctly. Your operators will save time, energy and money because repeat adjustments will no longer be necessary.
  • Longer wheel life. The double-bearing feature prevents premature wheel wear caused by wobble or misalignment. There is no drag on the wheel against the housing or framework of the slitter holder. That means absolutely no side wear and no heat on the wheel.
  • Less maintenance. The elimination of wheel drag and dirt and dirt buildup between the wheel and the housing eliminates wear and tear on the slitter body during use.
  • Easy wheel changes. The double-bearing axle system eliminates the need for a bearing in each wheel. The wheel is also exposed to an open side allowing for quick and easy wheel changes while the holder is still in the machine.
  • No tools required. No tools are required to change position or for wheel changes with our optional toolless holder or quick-change wheel system.


  • Business forms
  • Tag and label
  • Sheeting
  • Paper film and foil converting
  • Corrugated
  • Coating and laminating
  • Nonwoven
  • Web printing
  • Papermaking
  • Tapes